A believer


Look beyond finite

There is a dreamer within all of us. A dreamer is someone who has a profound way of describing, their dreams and desires. They are someone who can spend hours, pondering over how they actually want to see their lives.

But the question that bothers me, is that; do they succeed in achieving all that they desire. So what separates a dreamer from being an achiever?  The answer is belief.

A strong desire accompanied with a subtle faith, brings in the characteristics of a believer.

As quoted by William Arthur “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.”  If one can believe in the unseen, that is enough to ignite the universe to bring forth the magic.

However, the faith always have to battle the challenges that we face in trying to achieve our dreams; that defines our Will Power.  If we are determined enough to follow our vision, then the journey itself becomes a reason for happiness.

When the process of achieving the goal, becomes the goal itself, the success will ultimately follow the dreamer; a believer.


Happiness is endless, gratitude is enough                                        – Reshmi Kalam


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