The diary of a Cancer Survivor



Each day silently, I used to whisper the prayer in my head. I strongly believed, the world around me, busy mourning over the news of my least chances of survival, is an illusion. In contrast, I was the one more alive than the rest, who were so scared of seeing me go.

The near death experiences, makes us realize how precious is the “Gift of life”. For them, it was me who was dying, but for me, I was living each day more than the previous ones. Days went through several Chemo Therapies and drugs. But my heart knew, healing is taking place in the invisible, and it will take some time to show on my reports. I saw the invisible, that was the kind of miracle I lived through each day. What a blessing! I thought to myself.

Darker phase arrived and I started losing my charm, my long braided hair was gone. I looked different, and pale to be honest. But I knew, comparatively, magicians looks different from the rest of the crowd around them. I was more focused on the end result, to see myself dwell upon health and see it happen before my eyes.

The action which casts its spell. I sneaked into private moments, where I utilized a minute or two, to do few stretches and turns. I danced, moved, and swayed until I realized, cancer taught me to dance to the rhythm of life. Earlier dance was just a hobby, now it became an expression of life. My days were split into two important moments, time for medicine and time for dance.

Miracle moments, around 10 AM in the morning, sitting in the doctor’s cabin. He was the one who disclosed the big secret about me; he said, “Reports are showing improvement, truly a miracle”. Although my heart knew this from the very beginning, yet it felt as if its happening for the first time. The only difference, alike me, rest were now also focusing on the healing and was not scared anymore.

Cancer, is not what I was suffering from, its what we are all plagued by The negative. We all have to fight our own battle for survival. The fight was not against the word “Cancer” it was rather against the “NEGATIVE” in and around me. Fight your battle for survival and dance to the rhythm of life. Believe me! I survived, because of my belief in health. I relied on the fact that irrespective of the moments, when I was ailing or when I was healed, God was sitting beside.

The link has the video based on Cancer Survival, in Collaboration with Livestrong Foundation which is associated with Cancer Treatment(spreading awareness) – 

Be Realistic and expect miracles” -Reshmi Kalam.


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